obsessed i know i know i’m sorry shh have more art

I fear for their lives because the chances of this series having a happy ending are close to none ;;


Ok but hear me out. Handa’s seiyuu is Ono Daisuke and Kawafuji’s seiyuu is Suwabe Junichi (the same seiyuu as Midorima and Aomine, respectively). There’s no way I wouldn’t do this.

*Permission granted by the artist to repost


1 hour drawing / Alibaba

This is the closest I’ll ever be to being in between Erens legs

15 makoharu moments for tachibahna (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*

it was our first fight.

I do, too! I finally, finally, learned how to swim, and now… it can’t end here!

Gray & Juvia. ♡ requested by anonymous.


twelve to lisa: “you’ll never be one of us.” → “sphinx #3”

mimi [-please don't remove the source-]


#but he was actually busy #trying to find ways to keep you from dying [x]